Let our wealth of experience with relcoation, cross country, international or across town, make your next move easier.

Kopf Hunter Haas has established personal relationships with high level executives of many major companies in our area as well as personnel at the top relocation compnaies in the country.  Both consistently seek out our expertise in the relocation their employees or clients, oftentimes going out of their preferred network.

We are licensed in both Ohio and Kentucky.  Our keen sense of our regions's distinctive neighborhoods allows us to find just the right fit for you and your family.  We're also happy to assist you some of the other necessities of moving; finding health care professionals, a gym to belong to, restuartants, wine shops, coutnry clubs, entertainment optons and more.

Regardless of distance, let Kopf Hunter Haas Realtors expertise, experience and enthusiasm make your next more easy and enjoyable.



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